11 Compliance Questions with Caveni Wong

11 Compliance Questions with Caveni Wong

I sat down with Caveni Wong, founder and principal at Principle Compliance - a business providing consulting to companies that need help developing and managing effective compliance programs. 

Caveni was born in Hong Kong, lived in California and New York, and now calls Charlotte, North Carolina home. She has extensive background in change management and compliance consulting, having worked for Ernst & Young and IBM after graduating with her MBA from Duke University. 

Because of Caveni's amazing background and passion for great compliance programs, we wanted to get her thoughts on how to create effective compliance and training. Without further ado, here is our interview with Caveni Wong:

In-house to Legal Writing Guru - 11 Questions with Scrivener Legal Marketing

I sat down with Jeff Fabian, former in-house counsel, legal writing guru and founder of Scrivener Legal Marketing - a provider of content marketing services for law firms. 

Jeff and I met through LinkedIn and decided to connect by interviewing each other. 

Check out my interview with Jeff on his legal writing blog.