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9 Legal Training Questions with Lydia Godfrey

9 Legal Training Questions with Lydia Godfrey

I sat down with Lydia Godfrey, Associate Legal Counsel at Ardon Health in beautiful Portland, OR, to talk about compliance and training in the specialty pharmacy industry. 

Lydia was born and raised in Detroit, MI, but escaped the Midwest cold for California. She eventually made her way to Portland, where she has spent 15 years of her career. 

Lydia has a ton of experience having worked as a law clerk, in private practice and now in-house. She's a classically-trained music aficionado, having learned to sing and play piano, guitar, flute (though somewhat unsuccessfully - her words, not mine!), violin and clarinet.  

Some of Lydia's hobbies include swimming, bicycling, hiking (ed. note: I think all Portlanders are required by city code to enjoy biking and hiking) and exercise!

Without further ado, here's our interview with Lydia!

11 Legal Training Questions with Mrg Simon

11 Legal Training Questions with Mrg Simon

I sat down with Mrg Simon, Director - Legal at Missouri River Energy Services (MRES) to talk about how she delivers engaging legal training to employees.

Mrg (rhymes with "berg") is a South Dakota native, living and working in the Sioux Falls area. She has had a number of positions at MRES (including government relations), and started her legal career working in the South Dakota Supreme Court. 

Mrg is extremely committed to public service and was an absolute joy to work with on this interview. She provides a ton of great tips and advice for in-house counsel seeking to create engaging legal training for their employees. 

Without further adieu, here is our interview with Mrg Simon: