Show These 3 Incredible TED Talks to Ignite Your Legal Training!

TED Talks are powerful training tools. 

They are short. They are inspirational. They are informative. 

Why aren't you using them?

Often, corporate counsel don't utilize videos or other "entertainment" media for legal training because the practical value isn't readily apparent. You certainly don't want to be accused of wasting employees' time, so you go with the safe PowerPoint option:


Unfortunately, it is also difficult to find these great video resources. Although TED Talks are generally 10-15 minutes in length, there are hundreds of them! Corporate counsel don't have time to watch 3+ hours of videos to find the best ones. With millions of other videos across the web, where do you even start?

We have you covered.

Here are 3 incredible TED Talks guaranteed to effectively educate your employees through practical and inspiring guidance:

1. Margaret Heffernan - The Dangers of Willful Blindness

Relevant Training Topics - Compliance, Whistleblowers, Insider Trading, HR Training

This is one of the most powerful TED Talks I have ever seen. Margaret shows the dangers of turning a blind eye to corporate misbehavior and praises whistleblowers who speak up.

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2.  Drew Curtis - How I Beat a Patent Troll

Relevant Training Topics - Patents, Patent Litigation, Litigation Strategy

Drew talks candidly about his company's experience fighting a patent troll lawsuit. You should use this video for executive training on patent litigation strategy or for general patent litigation avoidance with product teams.  

Also accessible at

3. Mellody Hobson: Color Blind or Color Brave?

Relevant Training Topics - Diversity, Nondiscrimination, Affirmative Action, Hiring, EEO

Diversity can be a difficult legal topic to discuss with employees. Mellody presents diversity hiring in a new light, yet touches on many of the important legal features of effective affirmative action and nondiscrimination programs. 

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What TED Talks or training videos have you used?

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