8 Easy Steps To Create Powerful (and FREE!) Employee Training Surveys

You've done the hard part. 

The legal training is over. 

Everyone said it was great. 

Time to forget about it until next year's training session, right?


Corporate counsel should be surveying employees to get valuable feedback on legal training.


Even if everyone congratulated you in the room, it's a guarantee employees have ideas on improvement. Unfortunately, most employees would rather go about their day instead of taking the time to talk to you about a particularly ineffective (or effective) part of the training materials. 

Here's where the survey comes in. Anonymous surveys are powerful tools. They allow employees to provide honest feedback about training from the comfort of their desks.

No confrontation. No hurt feelings. No wasted time. Only results.

You can use survey feedback to improve training materials, work on your presentation style and gauge employees' understanding of key concepts. 

Best of all, unlike many other survey providers, Google Forms makes surveys simple and free.

I'll show you how to use it. 

1. Get a Google account

This is pretty simple and straight forward. You will need to sign up for a Google account with access to Google Drive. 

Here is the link: https://accounts.google.com/signUp?service=mail

2. Go to Google Forms

Google Forms will allow you to create a number of types of documents, including surveys, event registrations, pop quizzes, etc.

Here is the link: https://www.google.com/forms/about/

3. Create a New Form

Once you create a new Form, you will see a screen that looks like this: 

4. Fill Out Basic Form Information

Create a name and description for the survey. 

5. Choose Question Type

Google has 9 different options for question types. The choices are numerous, but you need to make it as easy as possible for your employees to take the survey. Do NOT provide paragraph responses for all of your questions. 

Use mainly "Choose from a list" and "Multiple Choice" questions in the survey, but allow for employees to provide additional comments in one final "Paragraph Text" question. 

Note: Make sure to click on the "Required question" option (green arrow below) so employees are forced to answer each question.

Here are what these options look like:

Choose from a list

Multiple Choice

6. Build Your Survey

Rule #1 for survey building: the survey should take less than 5 minutes for an employee to complete. 

In order to accomplish this, it's critical to make sure each and every question you pose will get you important information. Don't include filler questions which won't yield useful data. 

Here's how to finish building the survey questions:

Complete a Question. Once you are done with each question, click the blue "Done" button. This will add the question to your survey. 

Add a New Question. If you want to add another question, click "Add item". 

Move a Question. If you would like to change the order of the questions, simple click and drag a question up or down to the desired location. 

7. Send Your Survey to Employees

Your survey is complete. Time to send it out. 

It's critical to choose the Confirmation Page options carefully. The options appear at the bottom of the list of survey questions. 

As a default setting, you should uncheck all of the boxes. 

For an explanation of what each of these options does, go here: https://support.google.com/docs/answer/2839588?hl=en 

Now it's time to click the blue "Send" button. Clicking the button will pop up a screen where you can choose to enter email addresses of your employees or send them a link to the survey:

Check the "Short Url" box and send the link to employees through your work email accompanied with a short message about the purpose of the survey.

It's important to tell employees in your email that it will take less than 5 minutes to compete the survey. You'll get less feedback if it's open ended.

Also, make sure to remind employees that the survey is anonymous!

8. Sit Back and Collect Responses

Now for the exciting part - feedback. 

Google will automatically gather all survey responses in a Google spreadsheet which can be accessed from the top menu of the form. 

Click the "View Responses" button to get to the survey responses spreadsheet: 

You've done it!

From here, you will be able to format data and create charts which can be easily used to improve your legal training. 

NOTE: Advanced Options

Google Forms has a ton of advanced options not covered in the above steps, but which are very useful for taking employee surveys. Here are a few:

Summary of Responses - This is a great feature which automatically captures the answers into colorful charts and data analysis. Find it under the "Responses" option in the top menu.

Turn off "Accepting Responses" - You can turn off the ability for employees to submit responses. This will close the data set and prevent employees from submitting late answers. Find it under the "Responses" option in the top menu.

Add-ons - Add-ons are advanced applications which integrate into Google Forms. Corporate counsel may like the Notifications or Sync to Smartsheet apps. 

Keep in mind  that surveys and results are automatically saved to your Google Drive and can be accessed from the cloud at any time. 

Do you survey employees to get feedback on legal training? Please share your thoughts below!