3 More Incredible TED Talks to Ignite Your Legal Training

People love TED Talks. They're engaging. They're inspirational. They're informative. 

You should be using TED Talks for your legal training presentations.

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find these great video resources. Although TED Talks are generally 10-15 minutes in length, there are thousands of them! Corporate counsel don't have time to watch 3+ hours of videos to find the best ones. With millions of other videos across the web, where do you even start?

We have you covered (again) - see the original 3 TED Talks here.

Here are 3 more incredible TED Talks guaranteed to effectively educate your employees through practical and inspiring guidance:

1. Charmain Gooch - Meet Global Corruption's Hidden Players

Relevant Training Topics - Compliance Training

Charmain does an amazing job of highlighting specific instances of government corruption and illustrating how corruption is fueled by big corporate players in the global economy.

This is a great video to start off an anti-corruption training presentation as it will draw your employees in to the serious nature of compliance training through vivid stories and examples. 

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2. Margaret Heffernan - Dare to Disagree

Relevant Training Topics - Compliance, EEO Training

Margaret Heffernan is one of my favorite speakers on the topic of corporate compliance. She has incredible experience and isn't afraid to tell it like it is. 

In "Dare to Disagree," Margaret discusses a major problem in corporations (and society in general) - people are afraid to speak up. Margaret urges people to stand up and disagree, as disagreement is critical to progress (and compliance). 

Like Charmain's talk, this is a great way to start a compliance training presentation (it's also extremely relevant for HR and manager training). 

3. Gary Kovacs - Tracking the Trackers

Relevant Training Topics - Data Privacy & Cyber-security Training

Gary Kovacs' TED Talk presents a grim picture for data privacy on the web. This is a wonderful talk to use to start any training presentation on data privacy and cyber-security practices at your company. 

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Do you have any more great TED Talks? Tell me about it in the comments!