Why legal training?

Well, when I first met my wife Saige back in college at Butler University (Indianapolis, IN), she was a teaching major in the College of Education. After meeting Saige's family for the first time, I understood why. 

Her mother, grandfather and aunt were all teachers! 

Saige's grandfather explained to me that teaching runs in the family, and good teachers beget more good teachers. 

Lucky for me, my mother was a great English teacher in Brookfield, WI. 

She even taught me as a student!

I never had the interest to get a teaching degree, but I've always enjoyed explaining difficult concepts to people in easy-to-understand terms.

To me, this is the basis of being an effective teacher. 

Because I wanted to be an effective teacher in my position as corporate counsel, I dove into the best available research on employee training. 

Whether teaching Shakespeare to 6th graders or contracts law to business people, it's important to really understand how people best learn complex material. 

I started InHouseOwl to start a discussion with corporate counsel and other attorneys about adapting teaching's best practices to the world of legal training. 

I hope you enjoy it, and I'd love to chat further. 

Please contact me any time at joel@inhouseowl.com.

                                                                                               Best, Joel                                                                                

Joel B. Smith, Corporate Counsel


                            This is me, Joel

                            This is me, Joel